You’ve registered for classes and unpacked your bags. Now what?


Welcome Week is jam packed with educational sessions, social activities, entertainment and much more!

From the Commons to the Cary Street Gym, from Cabell Library to Larrick Student Center, get to know VCU and meet some great people!

Online Schedule

Welcome Week booklet (pdf)


The PapaRAMzzi will be searching for students, staff and alumni wearing VCU gear on campus all week!

Get caught in your gear and you may win $25 to pick up more VCU merchandise at Barnes & Noble @ VCU! Winners will be posted online. Check out My VCU Gear for more information.


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Welcome to VCU

Don't forget your tickets!

Ticket Information

Welcome Week events can lead to winning great prizes. As you attend various Welcome Week events, make sure that you collect a raffle ticket that will make you eligible to win a variety of prizes.

Step 1: Collect Tickets
There are five types of Welcome Week events that are color-coded for your convenience. Attend an event and receive a ticket. Tickets will give a chance to win fabulous prizes. The more tickets you receive the better your chances at winning. To be eligible for the grand prize you must collect 10 tickets (2 of each color).

Step 2: Turn in tickets at SOVO Fair on Aug. 22
Prizes will be handed out throughout the event, but to be considered for the grand prize your tickets must be turned in no later 5:30 pm.

Step 3: Keep fingers crossed and hangout at the SOVO Fair
All prizes must be claimed in person.

Prizes will be awarded throughout the event, so make sure to listen carefully for your ticket number while you explore the fair. You must be present to win any prize, so join us at the SOVO Fair Friday afternoon from 3-6 p.m.